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Len Cecchetto

“... I was able to rank on google page #1 for two Key words having 1.4 million searches within 30 minutes ”

“Tuberank jeet is pleasure to use and is now a vital, and indespensible tool in my YouTube war chest ! ”

Mike Farbar

Terry Wygal

... literally pick apart Successful RANKING videos...
"Using the tool to be able to find the right Key words is AWESOME.
when you can literally pick apart Successful RANKING Videos and duplicate that process in seconds is pretty dang cool.

In the past I had to look through 3 different tools to do that"

"This tool is so easy and fun to use.The best thing that I can state about it is that I can not think of optimizing my YouTube videos any more without it. Highly recommended."


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* Contest Terms : You must make an amount in commissions equal or more than the prize money to win the prize. In case you earn lower commissions, the prize money will be reduced pro rata.

Teams of up to 2 are allowed. Information should about your team should be given to us before the launch starts. Please inform asap with your affiliate IDs.

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Negative promotions are not allowed. If you do it, you’ll be banned from this launch and any launch that we do in the future.

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