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  • - This guy got 800,000 views on YouTube in one day... Learn how
  • - Free Webinar shows you how to get 800,000 views on YouTube in one day
  • - Learn video traffic secrets from a video marketer who gets 800,000 views a day
  • - [Free Webinar] Video traffic secrets of top video marketer

Prelaunch Swipe #1

Hello [[name]],

Cyril Jeet showed me a stats screenshot from one of his
channels a few days ago. If I say it was mind blowing then
that's an understatement.

He got a whopping 800,000 views in one day on his channel and
that's not the only one he has. This guy gets hundreds of
thousands of views on his channels routinely!

Even crazier...
He's spilling his secrets in this webinar [[affiliate link]]

I've known Cyril for a while now. He's been running YouTube
channels since 2009. That's a lot of time and he's found some
really cool YouTube secrets in this while.

This is one webinar that is going to add REAL value to your
video marketing business. If you have to rise early for it, or
stay up late... Do it. You don't want to miss it.

What you're going to learn there is going to be something
radically different and newer than what you've seen before.

You can ask him questions during the webinar, and Cyril will
take them up right there.

So if you're serious about the YouTube opportunity, this is
one event that should be on your calendar.

So click on the link below and sign up. That's one of the best
things you can do for your YouTube business today.

Here's the link [[AFFILIATE LINK]]

To your YouTube success!


Prelaunch swipe #2:

Hi [[name]],

think of YouTube as another Google. Well it's the
world's second largest search engine, so I am not
very wrong.

YouTube has an amazing viewership and making that a
successful part of your marketing means getting the
lead on all your competition.

And on YouTube you will not get a better brain to
pick than Cyril 'Jeet', who has worked on many
insanely successful YouTube channels. Channels
that get hundred thousands of views a day!

And now he's offering a free private webinar to
a limited number of people

==> Sign up here [[affiliate link]]

In this webinar Cyril Jeet will share some of the
secrets that has lead to his awesome success on
YouTube, and he will also answer any questions
about ranking and getting traffic from YouTube.

I think this is a must attend event for anyone
who wants to be a hit in video marketing.

It's on 29th of June 2015, and will start at
8 AM EST. It's an hour of your time that might
change the way you look at YouTube.

Don't miss if you're serious about YouTube
marketing >> [[affiliate link]]

I hope you are looking forward to this as much
as I am.

Talk soon!
[[your name]]

Launch Swipes


  • Roadmap for 800,000+ viewers a day on YouTube
  • This marketer gets more than a million views on YouTube every day (HOW?)
  • Here's how to get 800K+ viewers on YouTube!
  • I've stopped worrying about ranking videos -- Here's why!
  • I really don't care about YouTube rankings any more and neither will you...
  • This 2-step software gets you guaranteed YouTube rankings

Launch Email #1 : Video Angle

Hi [[name]],

Video on the Internet just gets bigger and bigger with each passing
day! Right now, there's more video travelling through the world's fibre lines
than any other kind of traffic.

With such a huge audience out there hungrily watching them, videos are a
marketer's best friend... ONLY if you can rank them.

>> This software takes care of that [[AFFILIATE LINK]]

This is the all new Tuberank Jeet, the world-class YouTube optimization tool
created by my friend Cyril 'Jeet', who's a top YouTube marketer getting more
than 800,000 views a day on his YouTube channel.

Here's what this tool will do for you

- Help you find the right keyword and estimate the traffic from it.

- See a bird's eye overview of your competitors and the kind of content they

- Give you a quick estimate of how easy or hard it is to rank for this keyword.

- Help you write perfect titles and descriptions for your keyword.

- Gives you all the relevant and targeted high-value and long-tail tags that you

- Gives you a quick score (1-100%) which tells you how optimized your video is.

- Lets you upload the video to YouTube direct from within the software.

Make sure you see the demo which shows you in detail exactly what's possible and
the true potential of this product. This is one software that is going to play a
very important role in your YouTube marketing this year.

==> Check it out here [[AFFILIATE LINK]]

To your spectacular success on YouTube!

Launch Email #2 : Video Angle

Hello [[name]],

Today I want to tell you about a marketer who got
a whopping 800,000+ viewers on his YouTube
channel. His name is Cyril 'Jeet' and he is a long
time content producer on YouTube.

Cyril has been working on YouTube since 2009 and
dominates some really massive niches.

How does he do that?

>> This will answer your question [[affiliate link]]

Good content, good strategy, and perfect
optimization. You know that YouTube is Google's
platform and they give you a very limited number
of parameters. That's why you need to get
everything right.

Cyril optimizes his videos with extreme dedication
and over the year he has built many tools to
make the process easier.

His favorite creation is -- Tuberank Jeet. This is
a very easy to use YouTube optimization software
that makes it so easy to do video SEO that anybody
can do it.

That's right... Anybody. Even a complete newbie!

It shows you everything you need to do in a very
logical and step-by-step manner. Just follow the
steps and at the end you have a perfectly
optimized video.

I think you better watch the demo yourself, but
act now because it's on a special sale at this
time. The prices are ridiculously low and there
are some crazy Bonuses to get.

The more you wait... The costlier it gets.

>> See the demo here [[affiliate link]]

I am betting you're going to like it.

Talk Soon!

[[your name]]

Launch Email #3 : Leads & Conversion Angle

Hi [[name]],

Do you know what's the best and the most effective
ways to grab leads?

-- Video --

Someone who's watching your video is completely
engaged and if you strike the hammer at the right
time... Easy conversion.

>>> And this software makes video traffic easy! [[AFFILIATE LINK]]

I know you're not an expert video marketer, and
you don't want to spend all the time learning it.
That's why you need Tuberank Jeet.

This software makes video optimization so easy
that you can get free traffic from videos without
knowing a single thing about videos.

Here's what this software will do for you

-- Find profitable niches and keywords.
-- Estimate your ranking potential.
-- Help you find the right titles, descriptions
and tags.
-- Give you hundreds of relevant high-value and
long tail tags to use.
-- Tell you what are the chances of getting ranked
-- Upload the video right from inside the software

It makes video optimization a very simple 2-step
process. Simple and effective.

It works like crazy too!

Check it out and you will be amazed by the results
(Hint : 800,000+ views a day...) that some people
have achieved using this software.

>> Look at what people say [[AFFILIATE LINK]]

If you decide to do grab it, do it fast... Time's
running out. It's on a special sale and becoming
more expensive each minute!

Don't miss this one if you want that video traffic
and leads.

Don't forget to let me know what you think.



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Launch Email #4

Hello [[name]],

I know we are all excited about the YouTube opportunity, and for good
reason. The amount of traffic that video gets is INSANE!! It's a billion
dollar industry, and it's crazy to not be a party of it.

But ranking videos is hard... Really hard! We've all found that out
first-hand. There are so many things to take care of, and there's so
much time that's needed to do all the research properly that it's enough
to drive even the best professionals insane. Admit it! It's an old story.

Well, no more.... Things just changed!! When I saw what the users had
to say about Tuberank Jeet 2 , I was blown away. Complete newbies and
were able to make YouTube and Google Page 1 one after another!!

Check it out here : [[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]]

This tool really works wonders for YouTube Rankings, and I am not
surprised, because it's built by a YouTube marketer who gets more
than 2 million views on his own channels using all his secret ranking

It takes all the hard work out of ranking videos... A simple two-step
process that anybody can do in a few minutes, and top rankings!!

It's fast and simple to use. Check out the demo and see how easy
it makes things.

Click here to see the demo : [[YOUR AFFILIATE LINK]]

See you soon with your awesome YouTube success!!


Launch Email #5


Tuberank Jeet 2 has just gone LIVE !

This software will help you rank your Youtube video on page
one of Google AND Youtube...within 30 MINUTES FLAT !

Seems a bold promise right ? Well, check the proof for
yourself !

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You know video marketing will be THE way to go, right ?

I really recommend you get this tool and prepare for 2014,
because video is what people want these days...

Watch the demo video to get see how easy Tuberank Jeet 2 will
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the heaviest joke !

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To Your Undeniable Succes !