Tuberank Jeet 2 JV Leaderboard


Hello guys,

The Tuberank Jeet II launch has ended, and man what a launch it was.
It was my first launch all on my own, and I had a lot of fun 
running it. 

We've done 2,000+ sales over the funnel, and sold more than 1,500
of the front-end product. The main offer converted in double digits
for most affiliates and the funnel converted at a solid rate too. We
did $2.5 EPCs over the funnel which is pretty good on these price 

I am really grateful for every one of our friends who supported me
on this launch, and you bet I am going to bring the heat to your own
launches when you have them.

Here's the result of our final closing contest

#1 Todd Gross - $200
#2 Tony Hayes - $100
#3 Chris Jenkins - $50

And the overall contest

#1 - Todd Gross - $1500
#2 - Han Fan - $750
#3 - Abhi Dwivedi - $350
#4 - Chris Jenkins - $150
#5 - Mark Dulisse - $50
#6 - Anthony Aires - $50
#7 - Karthik Ramani - $50
#8 - James Knight - $50
#9 - MAO Flynn - $50
#10 - Radu Hahaianu - $50

Highest EPC - Han Fan ($7.43) - $150
Fastest 100 - Todd Gross - $200
Fastest 50 - Han Fan - $100
Fastest 25 - Mark Dulisse - $50

The winners will be paid immediately and I will contacting you to get your
paypal email if I don't have it.

Outside the top 10, I am grateful to everyone who supported me irrespective
of the number of sales you did.

Bill Cousins, Warrior Faraz, Matt Bush, Neil Napier, Ilham Zulkarnian, 
Prady N, Marius Price, Ray Lane, Bill Guthrie, Ivana Bosnjak, Gaz Cooper,
Ankur Shukla, Brad Scott, Precious Ngwu, Kristie Chiles, Zeeshan... and
many more.

Thank you for making this launch a success. I've got another winner launch
for you on the 17th of July with my friend Brad Scott. Here's the JV page

Hope to see you on board on that one. It's a killer product with a lot of
super testimonials from real users. Amazing social proof as usual.

See you there!
Your friend
Cyril 'Jeet'